Record of Decisions (RoD) of the Meeting of the Sub Committee for RAF Scampton, 30 Mar 22

Record of Decisions, March 30th 2022

Record of Decisions (RoD) of the Meeting of the Sub Committee for the Closure of RAF Scampton, 30 Mar 22,

Present : Councillors C Sneath, C Bulteel, M Newham, J Rumble, T Somerville

1. Current Situation - Cllr Bulteel gave summary of the Future of RAF Scampton meeting held at RAF Scampton, 30 Mar 22.

It has now been confirmed that approximately 60 of the existing married quarters will be sold. It was also confirmed that RAF Waddington will be taking over a number of the existing assets such as the MUGA, Shop, Tennis Courts and Football Pitch.

LCC Highways are looking at the possibility of adopting the existing roads on the RAF Scampton estate. However, LCC stated that they would only adopt these roads if there was no additional cost to bring them up to standard.

The Electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS) is the central database of Government Central Civil Estate properties and land. It records the precise location of property, along with information such as landlord details, lease data and usage. Users are able to find properties on an electronic map, amend their own property details, and use the system to search for vacant space. When land owned by a Government department is put up for disposal, other departments (including County and District Councils) are able to express interest in obtaining the land. Expressions of interest for land made available with the disposal of RAF Scampton are to be submitted by 21 Apr 22. At the Future of RAF Scampton meeting, Cllr Bulteel suggested that WLDC might wish to express interest in obtaining some of the land within the existing married quarter estate which could then be maintained by the PC. This idea was rejected.      

2. Central Lincolnshire Local Plan (CLLP) - The local plan was reviewed and the points applicable to Scampton discussed. The consultation period is due to close at the end of April 22. Cllr Sneath will contact WLDC to establish if a response is required only in the event that a proposal is not deemed in the best interest of the community.       

3. Neighbourhood Plan - Cllr Sneath has submitted the application for a Scampton Neighbourhood plan. Cllr Sneath will also produce a PC boundaries map, contact Open Plan for potential support and research possible funding.   

4. OpenPlan - It was established at the Future of Scampton meeting that the recommendations made in the Open Plan Report had not been formally accepted or rejected by WLDC and were only being used for information.

5. Community Assets Register - It was agreed that Cllr Bulteel would investigate the possibility of nominating some of the existing green spaces at RAF Scampton as Assets of Community Value.

6. Ground Maintenance - Cllr Somerville is continuing to research current costing for ground maintenance at RAF Scampton. Cllrs Somerville and Bulteel will arrange future meeting to discuss which areas of land are likely to require maintenance. This information is required to underpin future PC Precept requests.   

7. Future Precept (Post meeting) - Cllr Somerville has clarified what limits are place on PCs when calculating the PC Precept. The Precept requirement is the difference between the Parish Council’s estimated income and its anticipated spending requirements for the financial year (its budget). The financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The Parish Council needs to agree a budget before it can set its Precept and both must be agreed by the full Parish Council. When calculating the Precept, the Parish Council takes into consideration: · current year’s spending levels - for ongoing services for which it is responsible e.g. recreation facilities, lighting, cemeteries, insurance and cost of the Parish Office · costs of any additional spending plans or projects · provision for contingencies and reserves · levels of anticipated income – from services for which it is responsible e.g. rental income, allotment fees, burial fees, grants Currently there is no cap on the amount that Parish Councils can raise via their precept (District Councils and County Councils are capped). This is under consideration but for now Central Government expects Parish Councils to demonstrate restraint. They should be able to explain and justify larger precept increases. Once a Precept has been approved by the Parish Council, they inform SCDC and it is then added to residents Council Tax bills. SCDC pay the Precept to the Parish Council in two instalments (Apr and Sept).

8. Management Companies - Cllr Newham provided a comprehensive overview of the existing adopted/non-adopted roads and management companies at Scampton. Concerns were raised regarding the sale of existing RAF Married Quarters and the requirement for road and grounds maintenance not covered by existing management companies. It was agreed that more work was required to ensure that the management of the roads and land affected by this sale, should not fall to existing or new management companies.         

9. Sir Edward Lee - Cllr Bulteel will arrange a meeting with Sir Edward Leigh.  

10. Way Forward/Public Meeting - A public meeting will be held May 22, time TBD.

11. Next Meeting - The next meeting will be held, Wed 13 Apr 22 at 1800.        



Cllr C Bulteel