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The parish of Scampton is in two parts:

  • The Village - situated approximately 6 miles north of Lincoln on the B1398 road that runs from Lincoln to Scunthorpe. In the village there are 85 homes and a population of approximatley 180.
  • The RAF Station - at the top of the cliff edge at the side of the A15 road. The Station is home to both civilian and RAF personnel with a joint population of almost 700.

Scampton is the fourth of the Springline villages that sit on the Lincolnshire Edge, a lime stone fault which runs from Grantham to the Humber.

The old Scampton Hall was knocked down many years ago but one archway has survived. It is now in the garden of a privately owned house and can be viewed with permission of the owner. The Church of St John the Baptist is mainly 18th century but parts date back to the 17th century. In the graveyard there are war graves of both British and German service men.

RAF Scampton plays an important role in the protection of UK airspace as the home of No 1 Air Control Centre. It is also home to the Mobile Meteorological Unit and to the world famous Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows). 600 personnel work at RAF Scampton, including Service personnel, contractors and civil servants.

On 13 October 1916, Air Station Brattleby Cliff opened as a Home Defence Flight unit prior to being renamed RAF Scampton in 1918, making the Station one the RAF's oldest.

After a short hiatus the Station became home to 617 Squadron (known as the 'Dambusters') from where they flew their most famous mission - Operation CHASTISE.

Post war RAF Scampton was the home of the Vulcan bomber.

On 31st December 2022 RAF Scampton was closed.