Present:  Councillors C. Bulteel (Chairman), C Sneath (Vice Chairman), M Newham, T Somerville and Mrs B Young (Clerk). Also in attendance were a ROSE representative and 3 members of the public.
Apologies –Apologies were received and accepted from Cllrs J Rumble, R Patterson and K Thompson.
Register of Members Interests Members of the Council were reminded that at any time during the meeting they could declare an interest.
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 3rd August 2023 were proposed by Cllr. Somerville, seconded by Cllr. Sneath and agreed unanimously. They were signed by the Chairman as a true record of the meeting.
Open session. Matters raised by the public were:
  • Regarding the speed monitoring. Cllr Sneath would attend a meeting on Monday with Brattleby PC and LCC Road Committee to try to address some queries.
  • The new Eco house occupants (in North Carlton Parish) were being left out of information regarding the future of Scampton. Cllr Jackie Brockway had been to talk to them. They were welcome to join our meetings.
  • ROSE reported they had cancelled the event on 4th November but would like to arrange a Christmas event but were urged to liaise with the PC as an event was already arranged and we didn’t wish to cause division by having two events. They were aware of WLDC funding opportunities open to them.
Village Signs. A quote of £535 + VAT had been obtained but it was decided to wait until it was decided whether the name of the camp would be changed to Scampton Cliff and then have signs for the Scampton Village and Scampton Cliff or just Scampton. The Clerk would investigate how to achieve this. - Action The Clerk
 Law Enforcement and Speed Awareness- Two monitoring sessions had been held:
Brattleby 11/08/23 between 17.00 and 18.00. Of 188 vehicles 10 were speeding
Scampton 12 /08/23 between 09.00 and 10.00. Of 156 vehicles 5 were speeding.
Cllr Sneath had established that weather doesn’t affect the monitors and the speed is registered as soon as the vehicle is detected at approx. 300m. A meeting with LRSP would be arranged to ensure the monitors are in the right place and the figures are correct. - Action Cllr Sneath
Litter Picks –There is one arranged for 10th September between 10.00 and 12.00.
Web Page and Social Media – They are up to date but Cllr Newham said Minutes from the MAF (Multi Agency Forum) and the Impact Statement were needed. She would request them from the Home Office under the Freedom of Information Act. - Action Cllr Newham
Highways and Footpaths –No update
Future of Scampton – The latest MAF had been held but it did nothing to allay the worries of the community. Safeguarding of the residents was not addressed nor was the dangers of crossing and walking along the A15. Healthcare would impact the local facilities and had not been addressed and neither had disease control. A letter would be written to the Judge of the Judicial Review expressing our concerns. -  Action Cllr Bulteel/The Clerk                                    
IT. – Steve Ulyat  would be contacted regarding the securing of the projector in the BSA Hall. -   Action Cllr Somerville
H&S – The Risk Assessment has been done for Council Meetings and one was being done for the Christmas event. - Action Cllr Somerville
Energy – The details of the streetlights had been passed to Grant White of WLDC, as requested.
Community Social Events- The Dambusters had agreed to provide mulled wine. Tombola prizes were needed and local businesses would be contacted to see if they could support the event. Due to a prior booking the Springline Choir were unable to attend but Sue Deacon had said she would try to find an alternative.
Neighbourhood Watch – Neighbourhood watch schemes are set up by local residents and run by them. The parish Council would divide Scampton into areas and ask for volunteers to come forward.
ROSE – Please see above
Policies – There were no Policies for approval this month
Parish Council email – Cllr Newham was in the process of setting these up. It was agreed unanimously that the format Cllr???@scampton.gov.uk
Future Plans – This was deferred until a future date.
District Councillor’s report – There was no report due to the absence of Cllr Patterson
Correspondence – The request from ROSE was withdrawn due to the cancellation of the planned event.
The following planning application was received:
07.09.23 147198 – 14 semi-detached, 2 storey dwellings to land to the west of Northumberland Avenue – Comments awaited
It was noted that the following payments had been made:
Drax                                                                                        £305.58
LALC Training                                                                         £30.00
It was proposed by Cllr Bulteel that a Staffing Committee be set up to look at the Clerk’s salary. It was seconded by Cllr Sneath and agreed unanimously. It would comprise Cllrs Bulteel, Newham and Somerville.
Matters for the next Meeting
       Law Enforcement and Speed Awareness
Litter Picks
Web Page and Social Media
Highways and Footpaths
Future of Scampton
IT – Email addresses
Community Social Events
Neighbourhood watch
Future Plans
ROSE Committee
District Councillor’s report
The date of the next meeting The next meeting will be on Thursday 5th October 2023 at 7.00pm in the BSA Hall, Aisthorpe
Being no further business the meeting closed at 8.46pm.