Present:  Councillors R Patterson (Chairman) C Sneath (Vice Chairman), K Taylor, J Rumble, C Bulteel, T Somerville and Mrs B Young (Clerk). Janet Clerk of YMCA Community Lincs and one member of the public were also present.
Apologies were received from PCSO Julie McFaul who reported the follow issues:
01/12/20 – A landrover was stolen from Suffolk Road without the keys
16/11/2020 – Abandoned vehicle on Trenchard Square 
05/11/2020 – 2 x vehicles at the view point, smell of cannabis coming from the area. Police attended and no vehicles seen in the area.
Register of Members Interests Members of the Council were reminded that at any time during the meeting they could declare an interest.
The Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 5th November 2020 were proposed by Cllr Sneath, seconded by Cllr Rumble and agreed unanimously. They will be signed by the Chairman in due course.
Open session
Janet Clark reminded us of the invitation to decide whether Scampton would be best served by one Parish Council or two separate ones. The sub committee looking at the assets of RAF Scampton needs to prepare itself for things to come and she wants us to have a look at how we use her services. WLDC are looking to the Parish Council to prepare an article for planned newsletter by the end of January.
Litter bins – The Clerk had contacted Simon Smoothy of WLDC regarding the litter bins on the estate. He would come back with a date when the positioning would be reviewed. An email had been received from a resident asking for additional bins at the top of the village. As a temporary measure Steve Ulyat would look at cutting back the trees and the PC voted unanimously to purchase an additional bin with a lid.
Speed Awareness Cllr Sneath had enquired about the possibility of doing a speed check in Scampton Way. There was to be a meeting with Lincs Road Safety Partnership to decide the best place to do the speed checks in the village and they would look at the estate at the same time. Brattleby PC had been contacted with the costings.
Community Awards The Council was keen to set up community awards and in the initial stages it would be in the form of certificates to be presented at a meeting, when they are permitted. Janet Clark would forward some information and suggested formats and nomination forms.
LALC Training Cllr Sneath had spoken to LALC again and the cost of joining was £60 from November to February. To join the Training scheme in March for 12 months would be £100 + VAT but this would include core training and the Clerk’s training. It was agreed unanimously that it would be left until March to join the scheme.
Closure of RAF Scampton.  
The Terms of Reference (TORs) for the proposed PC Subcommittee were presented for review and approval.  As a formal consultation and stakeholder engagement group, the role of the subcommittee will be to represent the interests of all residents of Scampton and the former RAF Scampton Married Quarters as the MOD withdraw. Initially the subcommittee will consist of Parish councillors, the RAF Community Development Worker and advisors to the group on a meeting to meeting basis. Once the subcommittee have produced the asset inventory and the MOD/DIO have finalised their proposed plans for RAF Scampton, the subcommittee will explore the possibility of expanding membership to the wider community. The TORs were agreed and Chris Bulteel was appointed Chairman of the Subcommittee. 
Parish Council Website Many thanks were given to Cllr Taylor and the Clerk, who after putting their heads together were able to upload all the documents (with the exception of Excel) to the new website. All the links were working and thanks also went to Cllr Sneath who previewed the new site. The final documents will be uploaded as soon as possible. The old website will be turned off as it is no longer fit for purpose. The new one can be reached via the website  https://scampton.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk
Christmas Lights Thanks were given to Steve Ulyat for looking at the Christmas lights. There is a problem with one of the sets of lights and the electricity box. Neil Haire had very kindly offered to have a look at the problem for us, for which he was thanked
District Councillor’s report Cllr Patterson reported that the last Council meeting had taken place online and that they were busy setting the new budget. The grants received from the Government were being distributed rapidly.
Email from Neil Haire.
Email from Gill Angel regarding a meeting with the Station Commander – the Clerk would contact her.
Letter from Joe Bartrop – the Chairman would respond.
Email from LCC asking if we are ready for them to turn off the old website.
LCC - do we wish to enter Parish Agreement for grass cutting for the year 2021 – 2022? It was agreed unanimously that we should.
Green Grass Contracting had submitted a Quote for the grass cutting for the coming year. The Council was very satisfied with their work and the increase was only £2.49 per cut so it was agreed unanimously that they be awarded the contract.
It was noted that the following payments had been made:
Haven Power (October)                                                                                  £74.56
Green Grass Contracting                                                                                £125.99
Royal British Legion                                                                                       £50.00
It was proposed by Cllr Somerville that the Precept for next year be set at £8,000.00. This was seconded by Cllr Sneath and agreed unanimously.
Planning –
141937 - 30.11.20- 8 Shropshire Road, 2 storey extension. No observations
141589 – PLOT 14, High Street, Flat roof extension. Approved subject to conditions.
Matters for the next Meeting
  1. Litter bins
  2. Speed awareness
  3. Community Awards
  4. Bus Shelters
  5. Closure of RAF Scampton
  6. Parish Council website
  7. District Councillor’s report
The next meeting will be on Thursday 4th February 2021 at 7.30pm either in the BSA Hall, Aisthorpe or via Zoom to comply with the latest Covid 19 guidelines.
Being no further business the meeting closed at 8.53pm

Signed                                                                          Date