Terms of reference (ToR) for the RAF Scampton Development Subcommittee of Scampton Parish Council




1.         The subcommittee is established to ensure meaningful resident consultation and effective participation in decision making on all aspects of the proposed withdrawal of the MOD from RAF Scampton.




2.         As a formal consultation and stakeholder engagement group, the role of the subcommittee is to represent the interests of all residents of Scampton and the former RAF Scampton Married Quarters as the MOD withdraw.




  • Understand DIO and District/Local Council plans for the future of RAF Scampton in terms of land development, supporting infrastructure and the preservation of RAF Scampton heritage.


  • Understand the possibilities regarding the ownership, management and             maintenance of existing infrastructure and assets, currently owned by the Head of             Establishment, RAF Scampton and DIO, that might be of value to the          community.  


  • Prioritise these assets in terms of affordability and practicality, and develop an inventory which will include sufficient information to allow these assets to be registered with West Lindsey District Council.






  • Inform the community of any significant developments and provide feedback from the SPB.


  • Understand any concerns members of the community might have regarding the future of RAF Scampton and raise these concerns at the SPB.




6.         Initially the subcommittee will consist of:


  • Parish councillors.


  • RAF Community Development Worker.


  • Advisors to the group on a meeting to meeting basis.




8.         Every member shall receive a copy of the ToRs, contact details for other members, details of any planned meetings and how to include an item on an agenda. The subcommittee will call on support from community experts e.g. District Council, local charities, Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils etc. as required.




9.         The subcommittee will be accountable to the Parish Council and will report directly to them.




10.       A chair and secretary of the subcommittee should be decided at the first meeting. Meetings will be held every 2 months or as required either by zoom or face to face depending on Covid restrictions. The subcommittee will ensure that, where possible, community meetings will be held in venues that are accessible. The safety and well-being of subcommittee members and invited attendees will be paramount.


11.       Agenda items will be determined and then circulated 1 week in advance of each meeting by email. A template for recording meeting notes should be agreed at the first meeting of the subcommittee. Notes from meetings will be circulated within 1 week of the previous meeting.


Sharing of information and resources


12.       Information will be shared via minutes of meetings, newsletters and public meetings. The Subcommittee will also share information on the Parish Council Web Page.




13.       The group will not hold its own funding. An agreement for payment of expenses that may arise should be formalised with the Parish council.


Review of the subcommittee


14.       A review of the subcommittee will take place 12 months from the date of terms of reference.


Date Terms of Reference agreed.


Signed on behalf of: